Welcome to Flexoplas Packaging Ltd - 105 Wordsworth Street, Christchurch , NZ

Welcome to Flexoplas Packaging Ltd New Zealand

Flexoplas Packaging Ltd is a privately-owned business based in Christchurch, New Zealand, specialising in the manufacture of a comprehensive variety of plain and printed plastic bags and films supplying a wide range of customers across all key market sectors.

Flexoplas Packaging Ltd is a leading NZ packaging supplier with a fully equipped factory in Sydenham featuring the latest extrusion, conversion and printing technology.

The business is highly recommended by its substantial customer base due to the dedication and hard work of its experienced staff and has built a reputation second to none for its dependability, innovation and quality.

The comprehensive Flexoplas Packaging Ltd range covers a wide range of products. Listed below are some of the lines we manufacture.

Bags for industrial use including: rubbish bags, bin liners, handicart liners, kitchen tidy liners, roll bags, heavy duty bags, light duty bags.

Plastic film for industrial use including: timber wrap, furniture wrap, manufacturing wrap.

Bags and films for food contact including: butcher bags, ice bags, carton liners, re-sealable bags.

Shopping retail bags including: plastic bags, singlet bags, butcher bags, produce bags, roll bags, re-sealable bags.

Disposable protective clothing including: smocks, coveralls and smock sleeves.

Specialised horticultural products including: planter bags, mulch film, spray guards, greenhouse film.

Products for specialized use including: pallet caps, hospital bags, biohazard bags, coal bags and much more.

Flexoplas Packaging Ltd is committed to continual improvement and has an intensive programme of quality control in all facets of its operations. We gained AS/NZSISO9001 certification in 1997 and continue to use and improve on this system to the current date.

A further enhancement of this programme is being undertaken to ensure our systems and operations comply with all food safety regulations.